Fly high without boundary;
Dream big without fear.

young drumers


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What we do

1. To promote Chinese study and communication
2. To promote team work
3. To establish leadership
4. To promote Chinese culture
5. To promote music understanding
6. To promote community service spirit

Through the practice and daily communication, the team provides an environment to help the performers using Chinese language; to improve their Chinese communication skill;
Through the practice and performance, to build a team work spirit, to care and help others;

Through the buddy system, to help and to learn, to carry on the drum practice as well as the caring spirit; to encourage creativity, imagination and open communication to improve the understanding and expression of the nature and music; most importantly is to participate in the community service, to share what we have, and to care for what others need. Through all above, to build a strong team with strong body and mind, with caring heart and appreciating touch.


Long Term Team Goal


A performance group with 50 performers and various performance equipments; could professionally handle a two hour performance.





Advocated by Mr. Daniel Pengfeng Xue, with helps from Society for Friendship With China and Red Bridge Church, Drum Roller was established in March 2007 and initially coached by Mrs. Yi Qian. Four months later in July, Mr. William You joined the team as the formal instructor.

The mission of the team is to promote Chinese culture, foster community service spirit and train young team players with leadership and teamwork.

The team has won great reputation by their professional, passionate performance on the events and festivals within & surround greater Kansas area.

Under instruction by Traditional instrument Musician Mr. Willian You, Lion dance master Mr. EngFoo Ng, and Drumming specialist Danial Roy, the team enjoys great progress and is expecting more to come.



Training Routine


There are two major training semesters: from September to Chinese New Year and from Chinese New Year to Dragon Boat festival. Through the semesters, the team will participate in the community services regarding by requests and join festivals to promote diversity.


With the support and in partnership with other local organizations, Drum Roller is making an impression in the local community. Drum Roller presented energetic, eye-catching performances through the year. Click here to review what this team could contribute to your event as well as the performance equipment you might be interested in. Please contact us if you need any of information about Chinese culture.

Drum Roller is always looking for the new members and friends to join us carrying on the diversity and heritage. Click here for more information about how to join us.

Currently, with the support from Emmanuel Chinese Baptist Church in Lenexa, Kansas, Drum Rollers could participate the practice once a week. Please check this out for the practice schedule.