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Drum Roller Recruitment

Do your kids love noise, music or perform in front of crowd?
If so, he/she is a good candidate for the Drum Roller-The Chinese
Drum and Lion team

It is wonderful to see more and more performers joining the drum team-- Drum Roller, the Chinese drum and lion team, and wow us with their talents and enthusiasm. You will have chance to watch the team's performance on line or on site, if you have not decided where your young one's talents to be, please consider the Drum Roller.

Drum Roller is a volunteer based drum club. It has no funds but enthusiasm to learn and to share; to care and to help; It is a youth group equipped with Chinese drums, cymbals, flags, lion and dragon. The mission is to promote Chinese study and culture, to build leadership, team work, and community service spirit;

Drum Roller has eight spots open now to form the drum squad to fulfill the increasing number of performance requests throughout the year. If your young ones could pass the entire questionnaire below, he/she would be one of the performers on stage!!

Question 1: Do you like show your talent in front of a group of audience?

Question 2: Do you enjoy team work and play with others?

Question 3: Do you like community service?

Question 4: Have you learned one kind of instrument for more than a year?

Question 5: Are you older than 10?

Please drop a short note to
Daniel with subject line drum roller and who you are, which instrument you are good at and the reason you like this team. We will arrange a short interview to get you in.

Thank you for your attention!!!